5 Ways To Feel Beautiful Even Before You Put Your Make Up On

More than physical beauty, feeling beautiful is a trait that can shine through anyone. Feeling beautiful is easy and possible even before you put on your make up. Here are some tips on how you can make your inner beauty shine!

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Being beautiful starts from within –it’s true! One of the best ways you can do this is to switch to a healthy lifestyle. That means exercising regularly, having a healthy diet, and hydrating yourself. The benefits you can get from a healthy lifestyle is immeasurable and it feels amazing once you see the effects! Whether it’s an intense sweat session or a soothing hour of yoga, exercise keeps our hearts pumping and our blood flowing –and who doesn’t love that post-work out glow? Of course, alongside working out, you should also be eating healthy. Contrary to popular belief, there are a million ways to enjoy a healthy diet. A good and balanced diet means getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs every meal. Including veggies and portioning your food is a great way to start a healthy diet! Now, this should come as no surprise, but hydrating yourself should be a priority! Our bodies are made of 70% water and it’s important to drink a lot of water because it keeps our bodies functioning properly.

Indulge in some quality “me”-time

There are days when we focus on work too much that we forget to give ourselves a break.In time like these, we could fall under extreme stress and anxiety. Indulging in quality me-time is a great way to de-stress and calm down. “Me”-time is the perfect way to let go of our problems, even for just a while, and allow us breathe easy. Retail therapy is first on our list! Spoil yourself, you deserve it. And as Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf once said, “whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop!”Another great way to decompress is to get a nice massage. Not only will you feel invigorated right after, your body will feel amazing and ready for the week to come! Another way to spend me-time is to invest in a hobby. Whether it’s reading, baking, watching a movie, or binge watching your favorite show. Whatever activity you choose, me-time allows you to forget your worries and focus on yourself.

Be confident

Speaking of focusing on yourself, self-confidence is a quality that many women forget to give attention to. With models and personalities posting photos all over social media, every now and then we can’t help but feel like we aren’t pretty enough or fit enough. But we forget that everyone has flaws and being confident in yourself and knowing that you have your own special traits should be enough. Self-confidence also means taking chances and not doubting yourself. Some of the most beautiful women are beautiful not because they possess conventional beauty. They’re beautiful because they know they are and they’re confident in themselves. They don’t allow self-doubt to keep them from becoming their best selves and this is a trait all women should embody. When an opportunity presents itself, don’t think twice. It could be an chance to show your special skills, a chance to meet someone new, a chance to go on an adventure, or any chance to experience something new. Be confident in yourself and remember that you are an empowered woman who deserve the best things –don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Choose to be happy

Don’t be brought down by the negativity of life. When we’re down, it’s easy to wallow in our own problems. But a simple happy thought can pull us out of these dark moments. Being positive is easier said than done. However, we need to remember that happiness is a choice. Everything is a choice and we’re only sad if we allow ourselves to be. There is so much to be thankful for, but it seems these things are also so easily forgotten. We focus on the bad that we unknowingly forget the good in our lives. Gratitude is one of the best ways to stay happy because realizing what good we have in our lives will always fuel us to be positive and look forward to a brighter future.


Once you’ve done all these steps, now it’s time to top it off with a smile.There is nothing more beautiful than a beaming grin and, like we said, inner beauty shines through anyone and what better way to show it than with a smile! Now you’re ready to put on your make up!

At Pink Sugar, we believe that being beautiful doesn’t only mean looking good on the outside, but feeling beautiful as well. As a make up brand, our goal is not to mask a woman’s face but to amplify every woman’s inner beauty.