A Morena’s Dilemma

As a child, I used to have this love-hate relationship with my morena skin. I was prone to bullying and was the center of colorismjokes which made me less and less confident about myself. But as I grew up, I started listening to others less and focusing on myself more. Slowly, I was beginning to understand that beauty isn’t what others perceive you to be, rather, beauty doesn’t involve others – it’s always, always what you think of yourself.

Throughout my college life, I learned to embrace my skin more. I learned to accept that we are all made to be beautiful – not in the same way, but in a way that separates us from others, giving us a unique feature. Slowly, I started gaining more confidence. I learned how to shrug off jokes and just laugh at people who still think that you have to be a certain color in order to be beautiful. I thought that’s all there is about being confident – being surrounded by people that tirelessly remind you that you are beautiful in your own way.

Fast forward to today, two years in the working slash adulting world, I never thought that I could still discover another side of myself. A side that is ready to face the real world head on. I never really thought of using beauty products to improve the way I look until I mindlessly tried Pink Sugar’s Our Lil’ Secret Concealer just because it was the most affordable in the bunch and I desperately need something to cover my bags for a presentation the next day. I have never purchased any beauty product before, hence I didn’t know which product best matches my skin – I was just for affordability after all. It was my first make up purchase and it has been my go-to product ever since.

I’ve been in love with this product ever since for the reason that it perfectly complements my morena skin! In a world of whitening products, I never thought a product could ever match my skin tone; much more improve what I already love. That was the start of my fascination with makeup and curious enough, I headed to the mall and looked for Pink Sugar. Much to my surprise and excitement, they have a whole rack for this local brand! Yes, it’s locally made and produced which is such a plus plusplus point for me because I don’t only feel beautiful but I’m able to support and love local as well! I tried browsing through the rack and ended up purchasing way more than what I intended – I hoarded concealers, lipsticks, and even tried out their eyebrow kit. It was a good splurge.

Aside from its affordability and amazing selection of nudes that flatter my skin, what I love about Pink Sugar is how it brings me a whole new level of self-confidence. It is more than just a makeup brand; it’s a trademark of beauty that makes me love the skin I am in more, that makes me ready for whatever the universe may throw at me. I have given a whole new level of respect for beauty products because of Pink Sugar which creates products that don’t mask your imperfections but enhance your features – at an affordable price!