Eye Candy 101: Your eye shape and how to put eyeshadow on them!

Has this ever happened to you? A pretty eye shadow palette (like the Pink Sugar eye shadow palettes!) beckons you to the display, and you can hear the heavens sing. The colors are beautiful, have great pigmentation, and is everything you could want in a palette! But you stop yourself and think, “How do I put this on and make it look amazing like the looks I see on magazines and online?”

Fear not! We’ll be talking about different eye shapes, and how to put eye shadow on them so you can make the most of your eye shape and make them look their most beautiful! The eyes are the window to the soul after all!

To know what your eye shape is, get a mirror, and get a good look on your eyes. Does it lift upward? Do you have a prominent lid space? Do you have prominently have more whites of the eyes? Once you have a good idea of what your eye shape is, compare your eyes to the ones below and see which one best fits your eye shape!

Ready your eyeshadows, and an eyeshadow brush. PROTIP: blend your eyeshadows well!