My New Year’s State of Mind

As I bid 2016 farewell, I want to remember and thank all those who have helped me survive the downs and celebrate the ups. This year has been a scary and emotional roller coaster ride. I have let people in and out of my life, I have let undeserving ones walk on me, I have let people tell me how I should live, I have limited myself for the fear of pushing people away, I have loved myself less and depended on others for my own source of happiness. More than anything, 2016 has been one of the pivotal years of my life.

This coming year, I will embrace myself more. I will love myself on good and bad days. I will feel full and happy with whoever I am and whatever I have. I will make the best of everything and not look for what is not there. I have learned that the key to peace, happiness, and love lies within one’s self – and that is what I am going to do this coming year. I will start with myself before anyone else.

This coming year, I will be more accepting of things that are beyond my control. I know that whatever lies ahead of me will shape me to be the person that I need to be. My 2017 will not go about without its fair share of hurdles and joys, and so I will take everything with open arms, a wise mind, and a brave heart.

This coming year, I will take more risks. Big or small, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m brave enough to take one. I’ve learned that it’s better to take the leap and fall than to be safe and stay in one place all your life because great opportunities come from risks and not from comfort zones.

This coming year, I will exceed expectations. More than meeting them, I will prove myself to every single doubter that I can be so much more. I will show people that I am capable of things, that I am more than mediocrity and aim for excellence. I will grow and eventually make a career out of doing something that I love.

This coming year, I will let love to find its way to me. I’ve given my heart to people who didn’t even deserve a single part of it, I’ve exhausted my love to people who weren’t accepting of it, I went the extra mile for people who won’t even take a single step for me. I know I deserve so much more and I’ve learned it the hard way. I’ve loved and lost but do you really lose if in exchange, you get back pieces of you that you’ve given away?

This coming year, I will celebrate my small wins in life. I will credit myself for every step I take and not be so hard on myself for every miss and failure. My small victories make up a huge part of my overall goal in life and every progress I make towards that goal must be celebrated. I will let these wins be my driving tool to work harder and be better at achieving my purpose.

Bring it on, 2017. I will dive head first and take on whatever you may throw at me. This coming year, I will turn cant’s into cans and put my dreams into work. Confidence and bravery will be my new year’s state of mind.